Integrate Learning 108© is a website created for those parents, who feel that their children have a potential to excel in school but do not know ,how to help them.

At Integrate Learning 108© we believe that every child/student is unique and has a learning potential. In order to facilitate efficient learning we need to focus on the components that affect learning and Integration of gained knowledge.

Through our online assessment and intervention we try to help students in improving their learning potential and enjoy the studies,as well.

We are committed to helping children make learning easy and enjoyable. We share ideas and up-to-date evidence-based research with parents to help them understand their children`s developmental needs and learning patterns.

Coming generations will be inventing and creating jobs for themselves. The classical model of teaching will be fading very soon and will be replaced by virtual colleges and universities. This will be a significant transformation and we want to make children self-reliant and independent by equipping them with the best available tools of learning.

I wish i had this input while i was studying.


I hope this website is available to every child who wants to learn without hassle.  

Father of a Dyspraxic Child
Making learning easy
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