Instructional effectiveness

World famous Educationalist & Mathematician Anand Kumar (Owner of Super 30) says “Hard work, Proper guidance and Supervision is the secret of success” in student`s Learning. He has proved his point beyond doubt and hence it is important that we need to focus on Instructional effectiveness which includes both Guidance & Supervision in Learning.

We can discuss a lot about the role of Teacher,Quality of Teaching,Impact of effective teaching on the student`s achievement.But it cannot be denied that it is the teacher who lays the foundation of a good learning.A Teacher can make or break the interest of a student in the subject.

Student`s learning is impacted based on the following :-

1.How much enthusiasm is shown by the teacher in the subject?

2.How much optimistic is the instructor in the applied scope of the subject?

3.How is subject introduced to students?

4.How much interest is created and maintained by the instructor to motivate learning to dig more?

5.How is the queries responded by the instructor?

6.Last but not the least,How is the effort on the part of student is rewarded?

Keeping track of all these important points may be difficult for some instructors ,which leads to variation in the learning of different students,in different places.

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